Zombie Catcher Online

You know well that zombies are very treacherous opponents. They multiply fast and are very difficult to destroy. But in this online entertainment, they will become your main enemies. You will play for a little alien creature who turns out to be a brave zombie fighter! Actually, your hero has enough experience in catching these dangerous beings. This time, he was hired to capture all those bloodthirsty creatures who escaped from the laboratory. You must help the protagonist to return them all to the cage. Are you sure you can overcome your fear for this bloodthirsty mission?

Activate all your powers!

You will have to explore different environments to find every single opponent hiding around. But each location is full of additional obstacles. Use your ability to jump them over and continue your hunting mission. You will also be able to use your jetpack and brains to mislead your adversaries and lure them into a trap. As you move forward, you will come across coins – collect them all. These funds can be used for upgrading your personage and obtaining more powerful weapons. Explore different locations and try to achieve a super impressive score. You will need to react without delay to all the challenges in order to succeed.

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