Tower Defense Zombies

This new online adventure will again bring you face to face with hungry zombies. These relentless creatures are determined to eat your brains! So you must not sit still and wait for this terrible outcome to happen. You must act immediately! This time, you are offered to build a defensive structure to protect yourself from insane attackers. You will need to build a tower to keep the enemies away. Are you ready to apply your strategic thinking to prevent the worst scenario? Let’s check it together!

Build towers to stop zombies!

You will see a kind of grid on the screen. Your opponents will move along particular paths. The goal is to construct towers to block their way. You must move and not to leave any narrow place for the attackers. Each tower comes with its strong and weak places. And you must make fast decisions which tower type is the best for this or that point on the map. You will also meet different types of zombies, from slow to super-fast. This feature should also be taken into account when you develop a defensive strategy. You will need to confront a continuously growing crowd of opponents. So earn more resources to be able to build bigger towers and stronger fortifications. Best of luck!

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