The Great Zombie Warzone

This exciting entertainment is designed only for the bravest players as here you will confront a crowd of zombies. You may have already met living dead in other gaming projects. Then you know well that they attack in hordes, and their quantity is multiplying fast. Are you still determined to test your skills in this uneven confrontation? The get armed with the most powerful gun and be ready to stop the approaching enemies. Their living potential is very high, so you will hardly kill a zombie with one shot only. You will really need to open fire without a stop to deal with the invades.

Kill them all!

Select the position of your character once the level starts. And then act without delay. Keep shooting at your opponent until his health bar is empty. It may be needed to make a series of shots until you have enough coins to upgrade your gun. When you are attacking the adversaries, you will see crystals appearing on the screen from time to time. Make sure to collect these bonuses to exchange them for the ammunition. There are dozens of levels in this game, but each time, the number of attackers grows and you need really exclusive skills and speed to deal with them all. Check it now if you can beat them all.

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