Think life in the suburbs is dull and uneventful? You won’t think so anymore after playing PVZ! There is nothing boring about living in this house at the edge of a small town because it’s a place of constant zombie invasions. These hungry monsters emerge from their graves every night and try to break into your house to get a taste of your brain. But hey, you just happen to have a perfect weapon against them!

Not your regular kind of garden!

Or rather, a whole garden of weapons. Because it’s no ordinary garden. Every plant growing here is ready for a battle. And it’s your job to see it through! Everything is set up like in a regular tower defense game. You start off with a certain sum of money, and you can spend it to buy and plant your very first green warriors. A little tip (and probably spoiler for those who haven’t played PVZ yet) – it’s always advisable to spend at least part of your initial capital on planting some sunflowers first. This is some sort of a coin generator that will provide you with passive income all the way while you’re busy fighting the walking dead.

At the beginning, your lineup of units will be rather limited. You’ll be able to put only basic plants on your defense line. But even with that, you’ll be able to fend off the attacks of the hungry monsters successfully – the most important thing is to place them in an optimal way and make sure every possible path zombies may take is within the shooting range.

And not some run-off-the-mill zombies either!

Every level of PVZ is a new challenge. The landscape gets tricker and tricker, forcing you to come up with smart and cunning tactical decisions. Zombies become stronger and smarter as well, employing various insidious tactics of their own to bypass your positions and make it straight into the yard (separated from them by a fence and hopefully some walnut bushes that take zombies so much time to eat through). Some of them even use balloons to fly over that fence and land onto your roof! As you see, your hands are full. So you’d better start preparing your defense right now! Plunge into the quirky world of PVZ and enjoy every minute of this crazy zombie apocalypse!

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