Picture this: you’re chilling in your backyard, sipping on a lemonade, when suddenly, a horde of zombies starts creeping towards your precious garden. What’s a gardener to do? Panic? Nah! It’s time to unleash your arsenal of quirky and downright hilarious plants to defend your turf in PVZ 2!

Your own anti-zombie garden!

In this hilarious game, you have to defend your remote home somewhere on the outskirts of the suburbs from hordes of the walking dead that have gone quite restless at a nearby cemetery recently. And since your house is closest to it, they all come through you. But don’t sweat it, they won’t get you! Because you have a whole army of genetically modified plants to look after you!

There is no shortage of those when it comes to organizing a reliable and epic defense of your home. Let’s start with a classic. The Peashooter is the backbone of any plant armada. This little green guy fires peas at zombies with unmatched determination. Don’t let its cute appearance fool you – it’s a pea-spitting powerhouse ready to pummel those undead intruders. And there are some great varieties of it too. For instance, the Snow Pea that not only shoots peas but also freezes zombies in their tracks. These frosty fighters will leave the undead shivering in their boots, or rather, their rotting shoes!

Shoot ’em, blow ’em up and don’t let them pass!

If explosions are more your thing, then the Cherry Bomb is your best bud. This explosive fruit looks innocent enough, but once you plant it and the zombies get too close, it goes boom! Zombies won’t know what hit them, and you’ll be left grinning like a mischievous mastermind. There is yet another secret weapon of the sort called Potato Mine. It may look like an innocent spud buried in the ground, but as soon as a zombie steps on it, that’s the end!

And how about a little extra protection? The Wall-nut has got you covered, quite literally! This tough nut will take a beating from any zombie that dares to approach it. It’s like having a living, breathing brick wall on your lawn. Who needs fences when you have a Wall-nut?

Finally, the Sunflower! With its bright yellow petals and contagious smile, this plant is always there to provide you with that precious solar power you need to grow your army of plants. It’s like having a botanical battery right in your backyard! These are just a few of the wild and wonderful plants you’ll encounter in the epic battle between Plants and Zombies 2. Start playing and learn more!

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