Plants Defense

In this fighting game, you will have quite unusual assistants. And these are going to be plants! Imagine you live in a nice house surrounded by a stunning garden. But one day, your happy existence is going to be interrupted. Evil creature decided to attack your dwelling. Now you are to do all you can to protect it and defeat the attackers. And your plants will help you in this task. You will find out that each your plant has special capabilities, and you can use these to stop the invaders. But you will need your wits and logic to use them properly.

Develop a cunning strategy!

Your task is to locate all the plants in the way to fend off all the hostile attacks. Some flowers will generate resources, while others will play the role of defenders that can form a so-called wall around your house. And you will even have plants that can throw projectiles at the enemies, destroying them. So you need to develop a strategy on how your garden is going to be arranged. It will allow you to protect your place and kill everyone who dares to approach too close to you. Experiment and grow new flowers as the number of treacherous opponents will grow with every new level. Good luck in this unusual shooting activity!

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