Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense

A new tower defense entertainment is here! Events unfold in the ancient times of sword and magic, when dragons were floating in the sky, and each kingdom has plenty of towers and brave knights. Your task is to defend your fortress by building fortifications in the form of towers. These structures prevent the enemies from crossing your gates. Besides traditional towers, you can use additional troops to install directly across the battlefield.

Meet a variety of opponents

One of the game features is a wide range of opponents. These include goblins, various unpleasant creatures, wizards and even huge monsters. But do not worry, if you correctly allocate resources and install a variety of towers, then you will have a chance to resist any enemy forces. The main thing is to correctly use your resources. Each tower can still be upgraded – you can significantly expand the set of available features. Plan your defense, actively use all your opportunities and just strive for success. There will be tons of enemies, various tests, and challenging levels. It all will allow you to truly enjoy the game. Get maximum pleasure and protect your kingdom. You will spend time with pleasure in this entertainment.

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