Impostors Vs Zombies: Survival

If you love intense battles and endless fights, here is something absolutely thrilling for you. It is Impostors Vs Zombies: Survival. It is a new challenge in the space. Some terrible happened on the spaceship – a zombie virus has penetrated there. This treacherous illness starts to affect everyone aboard. Some of your team mates have been already transformed into bloodthirsty creatures that are now your opponents. It will not take long for your enemies to capture you as well. So if you still want to survive, you must act without delay!

Become the only survivor!

It will be a really hard job to stand alone against a whole army of treacherous zombies. But you have no other solution. You must be smarter than all adversaries and not give them a chance to lure you into a trap. So do not waste time – get armed with a fire gun and start exploring the environment. As soon as you see an enemy in front of you – shoot them all immediately. You will also have additional devices in the arsenal to use in an emergency situation. Make sure you distribute these all wisely to have enough ammo till the end of the round. And do not forget to restore your health as you move forward – collect health kits scattered around.

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