Bloons TD 5

It is a new thrilling adventure from Bloons TD. And cute monkeys are calling you to join them in a brand new adventure! Your task remains the same – stop the invasion of colorful balloons. Take control of the monkeys who possess the power to halt these attackers. Your mission is to shoot down or pop the balloons before they reach the end of their path. Are you ready to decently meet these vibrant enemies and eliminate them all? Let the fun begin.

Monkeys are your assistants!

To protect your tower, your characters are represented as monkey units. Bursting a balloon seems to be simple, but these weird opponents are quite strong! Thus you need little monkeys to stop them all. Check how much money you have and then go to the menu to see how much different defendants you can purchase. After you get a crowd of monkeys ready for the confrontation, make sure to locate them on the screen so that no balloon slips by! Blast balloons, earn coins and unlock new, more powerful monkey types. Your logic and lightning-fast reaction are the key factors to the victory. Don’t forget that the balloons come in different colors, every color will need an individual approach. So make sure you maneuver flawlessly in the battlefield.

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