Bed Wars

This online project is designed for a group of players. There are four teams with four members in each. What is the goal. Each team owns an island. This island serves as a base. And a key element of each base is a bed, no matter how strange it may sound. The task of the team is to protect their bed as the main thing. Until the bed is intact, members of your team can respawn and continue adventured. But the moment the bed is destroyed, you are simply kicked out of the game. Your base is located on the island that has a lot of hidden resources. You will need them all to progress in the game.

Properly organize your teamwork!

It is vital to wisely distribute all the roles within your team. Some of your mates should be responsible for resources extraction. You will need gold and other valuables to exchange for necessary materials from the merchants. These are needed to build bridges to other islands. Besides, you need materials to build protective structures on your own base. And finally, someone will be trying to attack the settlements of the enemies. Do your best to delete the opponents’ beds one by one. You must defeat three other teams to become a winner. It will require a lot of strategic efforts.

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